‘BOOK SCRUTINY’ – A peek inside the Power of Words.

As promised in an earlier blog, here’s a collection of photos from the Power of Words books the children use to record their vocabulary learning during our daily ten-minute sessions.

A reminder of the stipulations:

  • Children DO NOT have to write anything down apart from the word we are learning.

That’s it.

At the moment, the children are given free reign in how they want to record their understanding of each word. Some choose to stick to pictures, which is absolutely fine.

I’d like to make clear that these have been chosen at random. I’m not showing you my ‘best’ examples necessarily. I think you’ll find it interesting looking at the range of methods the children have employed in terms of presentation and learning.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to chat. I’m always on the lookout for ways to develop these sessions.

Ooh, if you have any feedback about the learning itself, do let me know and I can pass on to the kids!

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2 thoughts on “‘BOOK SCRUTINY’ – A peek inside the Power of Words.

  1. Please pass on that we are impressed at Holcombe Brook! Am going to use some of the pics to intro some new words

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