Daily Vocabulary Planning [OVERVIEW]

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I am not an expert in vocabulary, nor do I profess to be. The plans I will release will be curated using the knowledge that I have on direct vocabulary instruction mixed with other pedagogy. I will provide the best that I possibly can – that is a promise. 

It is important to note that every technique/activity/idea that I include within the plans has been tried and tested in my own classroom with Y4 children. Some work better than others, which is cool because there are no silver bullets with vocabulary teaching. The only things close to a silver bullet are encouraging wide reading for pleasure, and actively teaching words.

My plans are a starting point. They should not be considered as the Holy Grail of explicit vocabulary instruction. It is me trying to help other teachers to get started with teaching words by providing planning. Whilst I hope you find them really useful and most of all your kids love them, I would appreciate feedback wherever possible. I am not easily offended, and will take anything and everything on board.

My influences to date are:

The first plans – which will be a week’s worth and released weekly – are to be released on the evening of Sunday 8th April 2018.

Thank you!

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