Let’s just get them learning words.

Yes, it’s 00:09 at the time of writing this post. I’m sitting downstairs; shivering in my ‘pyjamas’ – which isn’t much, let me tell you.

Let’s just get them learning words.

All my resources will now be free for the foreseeable future. I just want kids learning words.

Teachers assemble.

Let’s. Teach. Words.



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Spread it. Spread it far and wide.

We’re on a mission, folks.

Words are the key to everything.

Let’s go.

2 thoughts on “Let’s just get them learning words.

  1. Fabulous. Let’s not over complicate things and get on with fostering a love of words and language. Our school is squabbling over the best approach, immersion versus explicit teaching, why don’t we do what you’re doing? Teaching words with passion, skill and enthusiasm. Thank you for your resources and contacts shared so generously. Just dive in and do it and watch how the students respond. They start noticing words, using words and playing with language isn’t that what it’s all about? A huge thank you from Tasmania where sometimes I feel like a lone voice. So glad I’ve crashed a Twitter community who share the same passion. Hopefully I’ll have something to give back soon.

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