Big or Fat Words

All of the words and the categories they’re in are taken from Mrs Wordsmith’s narrative journey. Check out the brilliant things they can offer here: amazing vocabulary resource. I am in no way affiliated with Mrs Wordsmith and do not earn any money via anyone clicking this link.


bulky – colossal – gargantuan – flabby – robust

big and fat

Planning by Verbivore DOC

Planning by Verbivore PPT

Fridge Words


Please reach out to me when you’ve used the plans and resources with your class as I’d love to collect a bank of excellent children’s vocabulary learning.


2 thoughts on “Big or Fat Words

  1. Hi there

    These are straight from Mrs Wordsmith’s words and themes – careful she doesn’t have you for copyright!

    If I can spot it so obviously, others will.

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi, Anna. I’ve got an excellent relationship with the guys over at Mrs Wordsmith. I emailed to ask whether it would be OK to use them and they’re more than happy with me doing so.


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