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Below is a list in alphabetical order showing all the words that Verbivore already has – or is in the process of creating – plans for. If you press CTRL + F, you’ll be able to search for a word directly. Just click on the word to be taken to the relevant page!

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affluent disheartened irritated shimmering
alarmed distressed laborious shrewd
ambitious diverse lavish shrivelled
ambush douse light-hearted silvery
anxious drab livid skulk
apprehensive dreary lush sleepless
assertive drowsy meagre sluggish
astonishing ecstatic meandering snubbed
astute eerie melancholy soothing
audacious electrifying mesmerising sparse
auspicious emaciated mouthwatering speechless
balmy encouraging musty spiteful
barren envious nauseating splattered
billowing erupted nocturnal squat
biting exasperated numbing squint
bland excruciating odour squirt
bleak exhausted ominous stagger
blistering exhilarating oppressive stagnant
bloodshot faint optimistic startled
blundering famished overwhelming steely
blustery feud palatial steep
bombard fiery pampered stench
brazen flabbergasted parched stifling
brisk flabby peer submerged
bulging flawless penetrating succulent
bulky flurry persevere suffocating
bumbling flustered perspire sugary
bustling fragrance picturesque sumptuous
butterfingered frothy plunge swagger
chiselled furious polluted sweltering
choppy gargantuan precipitous swirling
citrusy gawk presumptuous tangled
clammy gleeful pungent tangy
cluttered glimpse putrid tantalising
coastal glum quaint tedious
colossal gruelling raging teeming
commotion gust rancid tempestuous
conquer guzzle rebellious tenacious
contented havoc reeked tongue-tied
crave hazy relentless torrential
crevasse heartbroken remote towering
crude hectic repulsive toxic
cunning howl robust tranquil
dart humble rolling traverse
dash humiliated rugged treacherous
dazzling hurtled rustling turbulent
dedicated idealistic sanguine twilight
deflated idyllic savour unflappable
deluge immaculate savoury unpalatable
demolish immerse scamper unruly
dense impeccable scent unwind
deprived impenetrable scorching vacant
desolate incessant scrawny verdant
determined inconsolable scrumptious voracious
devious inedible scrutinise wary
devour inhale scurry wholesome
dewy insatiable searing willowy
diffident insecure secluded windswept
dilapidated introverted serene wispy
discerning irresistible sheepish withered


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