I’ve had a lot of fun doing Verbivore. Don’t worry, this isn’t a blog detailing how I’m leaving it all behind. I’ll give you a moment to mop your suddenly sweaty brow …

Last week, I attended the Induction Day for my NPQSL. It was a deeply challenging, but fantastic day; a day that has left me nervously excited for the twelve months ahead of me.

My resources in the name of Verbivore take a long, long time to do. I do not give less than 100% effort and commitment to anything I release. Therefore, I’m going to find it – I already am – very difficult to keep up with things.

I’ve had lots of emails and messages about the planning/PowerPoints and about the Y3/4 Word 101 document. These things will remain on my radar, but I have reached a point where my own school and my own opportunities take ultimate precedence.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Verbivore! I will be back.

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