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VERBIVORE’S VOCAB VAULT – free planning for teachers to teach words explicitly!

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NEW: Word 101 – Y5/6 Spelling List

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The brilliant @cazzash and her staff have created these incredible spelling diagnostics. Please check out Caz’s blog ( Verbivore is excited to be hosting all (lots to be added – watch this space) of the spelling diagnostics, which you can find here.


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Check out these awesome superhero/villain vocabulary cards from @TeachUsMrBlack. They offer a range of alternatives for commonly used words to help enhance children’s vocabulary choices. Mr Black blogs here.


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What a resource this is for spelling by Gill Evans (@29Orry)! A detailed plan of words for teaching across Y6 plus a detailed plan of the words that have appeared in SPAG tests for the past three years. Y6 spelling plan!