Word Gang

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Meet the Word Gang! Six effervescent creatures who endeavour to transform your language skills. They are each an overseer of a specialist domain. Read on to find out more about them. But first, none of this would’ve been possible without the incredibly talented @jbdotco, who has designed these gorgeous creatures. Thank you, Joe, and please check him out if you ever need anything graphic design-wise.


I’m Connie and I’m the newest member of the gang. As a monkey, I’m extremely cheeky and I love to break the rules. For that reason, I’m in charge of spelling. My remit includes rules, exceptions to those rules, homophones, homonyms, patterns, mnemonics, and games! Lots and lots of games to help spellings stay in the memory! I’m super excited to be working with you.



Hello, everyone! My name’s Mutatio and I am an expert in the art of morphology. I’m a chameleon, which means I’m adept at changing. I can add prefixes and suffixes to create a multitude of forms for every conceivable word. Some of them might not make sense, but that’s all part of the fun in words, isn’t it? Fluent in Latin and Greek, I work closely with Gini (you don’t know much about her yet) to discover where all the different parts of the words we use come from. In fact, just yesterday over a light mealworm brunch, she told me that ‘chameleon’ comes from the Greek terms ‘khamai’ (on the ground) and ‘leōn’ (lion), which, as you can imagine, has given me a gargantuan boost in confidence.

Anyway, look out for me wherever roots and affixes are concerned. I get the feeling that there will be many opportunities for our paths to cross.



Hey, guys! I’m Viv – vocabulary extraordinaire. It is my role to bewitch, enthral, enchant, and charm readers and listeners with meticulously-chosen words. My mind is sponge-like, my claws tingle when I hear intriguing words being used or when I stumble across beautiful vocabulary in books. Contrary to popular belief, I do not just use fancy language for any old reason. If I say or write a word, I mean it. Vocabulary is important, you know. Without words, you cannot describe your feelings, your environment, your dreams. Words are powerful; believe it.

So, think of me when you need that flash of inspiration for an exciting word or two.



Yo! I’m Emmett, prince of phonology, at your service. I’m the youngest, most energetic member of the group and I love using my voice. As a hyena, I’m naturally playful and make lots of noise. I will endeavour to improve your pronunciation and help you understand how words sound. I’m interested in how words that are very similar change their sounds, too. For example, say ‘electric’ and then say ‘electricity’. What do you notice?

If you need me, just say it.



Good day to you, young wordling. I am Ginny, a wise owl who has been on this planet since the very first word was uttered. OK, OK, technically that last bit isn’t entirely true. However, I am old and I am wise. I specialise in etymology, which is the origins of words and how they’ve changed over time. I could regale you endlessly with fascinating stories about where words come from.

Every word had to have started somewhere.



Hey, you! Yea, you! The one with the large green wart sticking out of your neck, wait, that’s just your head! Just kidding, I’m Felix – your sentence wiz. It’s my job to use all the wonderful words and arrange them into sumptuous sentences that will dazzle your readers and listeners. Being a beaver, I build using the codes of grammar and punctuation to ensure that your sentences are in tiptop form.

There is nothing finer in life than a well-crafted sentence, don’t you think?